Head/Neck Injury Related Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Neil991, Feb 18, 2015.

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      Hello friends,

      Could I ask you if its possible to develop Tinnitus a few weeks after having Neck/Head injury? What I mean to ask is whether is it necessary for the Tinnitus to begin immediately after the accident or can it suddenly start about 6-7 weeks after the accident?

      Also, what are the type of tests I must do?

      The list of clues I can give you are:-

      1- Head/Neck injury caused in Swimming Pool.
      2- Tinnitus started after 6-7 weeks.
      3- Eyesight issues started about 14-15 weeks later. I can suddenly see spots when I look at bright sky.

      I would appreciate any advice from you.

      Apart from the mild tinnitus and eyesight issues, I have no other problems at the moment. I feel absolutely fine. But I do not want to wait for something new to crop up. Hoping to take some action based on your guidance.

      Warm regards
      Neil Bahal
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      With t anything is possible and no one knows for sure all the whys and hows?
      There is no rule or rhyme!
      But it's always possible that it will settle and get better:)
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      July 14, 2014
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      Assault/Contusion/Ear Infection
      You might have high intracranial pressure since your story is similar to mine.

      My T started 50 days after head injury.
      I too had vision spots due to high intracranial pressure.

      I got a brain and ear mri and then had to get a Lumbar Puncture.

      Did you get mri done? Demand an mri from your doc. Docs are clueless about closed head injuries. . Only an Mri will help.
    4. Asian

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      4 weeks
      Tinnitus is very common after a closed head injury. It usually starts after days to weeks after the injury as far as I have read. My tinnitus started exactly after 24 hours after I smashed my head on a concrete wall. Guess my injury was more severe :(. One problem with mild TBI is that there are wide range of other health issues that strike us all at once. Join neurotalk forum if you havent under PCS and mild traumatic injury section it's worth it. Also take fish oil , B12, B50 capsules, turmeric capsules it will help
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      Mine started several months after falling on my head down stairs. Objective Pulsitile - MRI and CT fine muscles in neck cramp, vision blurs, headache, intermittent, various intensity, duration, psychological and physical triggers. Control with ice packs, massage neck muscles, relaxation , meditation, low intensity, stress reduction, isolation. Major re-injury twice trying to do manual labor after 1 year. Waiting for MRA for venous/arterial abnormality.
    6. John G

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      @Mike Lee may I ask how you are doing now?. Did you get the results from the MRA?

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