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      Noise exposure + Antibiotics
      What is the procedure using things like these?

      I put my decibel app next to the headphones and it says 50db. Would it be the same - no going over 85db?

      I just wondered as obviously it's right next to your ear so your ear drum gets vibrated more? I'm not sure how to explain it!

      I just wondered as I'm online gaming with my friends and the PS4 has no option to play through the TV.

    2. linearb

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      I use headphones at what seems like a low volume -- for instance, if someone starts talking to me, I can generally understand what they're saying (at least to some extent) without taking the headphones off.

      If I get any indication that my ears are getting tired or feel hot/uncomfortable, I stop using them for a while.
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      Noise / Possible Medication
      Just be careful with shooting games those guns can get loud!
      There's no way to easily rate db from a head set
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      Not sure you can get accurate decibels like that..anyways I keep mine on the lowest volume setting as possible and can still hear it fine.
      Use over the ear ones, not the buds..noise canceling is best if you can afford it.

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