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      I have been attending a healer here in Ireland for several weeks now. I must say I have been sleeping better and the T is much more variable with it sometimes being very low.

      I have also noticed my myoclonus and tympanic twitching occurs less as well although last night it recurred. The healer said that after the first session the T would probably get a bit louder. It certainly didn't get any better.

      However a week later as before I attended the second session it was quite loud. After the session I noticed a crackling sound in my left ear and for a day or two the T in both ears was noticeably lower. After the third session it got a bit louder then reduced the day following. The sessions are short with the healer placing his hands on my head, neck and back. There was a definite feeling of heat from his palms. It certainly wasn't expensive - €30 per session. I spent more on petrol money getting to the place.

      The healers name is Aidan Wrynne - a 7th son of a seventh son. He has his own website. It is always difficult knowing whether any treatment is successful or not as we have no control but I certainly felt it helped. Supplement wise I have been taking magnesium threonate, calcium and zinc.
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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      Good to hear he is not the 6th son of a 6th son of a 6th son - the healing would probably include some bad deal with the devil ...:android:

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