Hearing Confusing Clicking, Anyone Else Have This?

Discussion in 'Support' started by DangEars, Oct 16, 2019.

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      I recently have been "diagnosed" with middle ear myoclonus, then with palatial myoclonus (even if they can't see the back of my throat moving). I say diagnosed tentatively because no one has been able to prove it yet, I'm still waiting for an MRI image to see if anything is structurally wrong.

      Anyway...this morning I got up and my heart was thumping. I sat back on the bed and I could hear the clicking normally associated with lying down in the back of my throat and ears! It was synchronous, and it was still synchronous when I lay back down.

      Here's the weird thing, normally when I lie down the clicking sounds distinct from the whooshing, and sometimes instead of "click, click, click" like a heartbeat it will be "click, click click, click" or whatever it wants to be.

      The weirdest part is that when I plug my ears either with my fingers or earplugs, I can barely hear it. Maybe an occasional click. Wouldn't it get worse by blocking all the sounds out if it were a heartbeat? I'm afraid of going back to the same doctor who I told "it isn't in time with my heart beat" because I have high anxiety and they already have this impression I'm a hypochondriac :(

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