Hearing Distortion Question

Discussion in 'Support' started by James P, Feb 28, 2015.

    1. James P

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      Halifax, Canada
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      Acoustic Trauma (Club)
      Is it normal to hear certain tones clearly stand out or louder than the rest when hearing white noise type things like fans and water? I remember before they would just all blur together. The tones stop as soon as the sound source stops. Audiogram I had came normal but it's really not very detailed.

      Can't find any information in Google about this. Sign of hearing loss or maybe miswired nerves? Been noticing it more and more since my incident, not sure if it's getting worse or I'm just more aware and focusing on it. More tinnitus sounds kept popping up since too, maybe due to anxiety and stress I suppose. I feel I'm a little OCD about sound, any tiny flaw in a sound drove me nuts and just had to be corrected, and absolute silence was my favorite sound.
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      Noise exposure + Antibiotics
      Not sure if this is what you mean. But then I have my fan thing on, I sometimes hear the piercing sounds of T which have developed in my recent spike.

      Anxiety and stress are huge factors i think. When I have anxiety it goes through the roof.

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