Hearing Loss — A Camouflaged Manifestation of COVID-19 Infection

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Nobody19, Jan 4, 2022.

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      The symptomatology of novel Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona virus type 2 infection runs the entire gamut of mild to moderate and serious illness among the affected individuals. As listed in recent literature, respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, olfactory and gustatory systems are commonly involved. With the growing knowledge about the disease, varied manifestations have been identified and lately, otorhinolaryngology dysfunctions in COVID 19 have been described. Hearing loss in COVID era is one of the emerging areas of concern and calls for further research in the field for the better understanding and treatment of this entity. This study was designed to assess the audiological profile among 100 mild to moderately affected COVID-19 individuals, so as to make a contribution to the emerging literature on otologic manifestations in COVID 19. In our case series, high frequency hearing loss and referred OAE was noted among significant number of COVID 19 positive patients. This was even observed in patients without any otologic symptoms. Hence, early identification and intervention if required helps to give a better quality of life to the patient.

      Link to full text: Hearing Loss-a Camouflaged Manifestation of COVID 19 Infection - PMC (nih.gov)
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      And the good news just keeps on coming.
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      Unilateral sensorineural hearing loss
      As crazy to think or say but quite probably the only thing I would say is a positive about the pandemic/COVID-19 is the extra spotlight on tinnitus/hearing loss as an issue because of it.
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      noise? infection? negative stress? other?
      It gets lonely at night with lying alone with this infernal eternal.

      Now we'll have lots of company. Hurraaah!

      Ooops! Maybe I shouldn't have said that...................................................... :unsure:
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