Hearing Loss Question (Strong Ear, Fullness)

Discussion in 'Support' started by TheUsualSuspect, Oct 25, 2015.

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      haven't been able to find an active forum anywhere for hearing loss so posting this here to see if maybe you guys could help answer a question for me since alot of you probably understand what I mean.

      My question is mostly for those of you that have hearing loss attached to their T. After recovery from an bad outer ear infection with small perforation due to a qtip. in which I was given Neomycin eardrops roughly 1 month ago (infection got worse and was on Cirpodex too but eardrum had fully healed by then so no real chance at hearing damage from it). My hearing Didn't come back 100% (more like 95%) Even though my outer and middle ear is fully clear and there is no reason I have fake fullness, minor T, and my hearing just feels off... My Hearing test still says both my ears are the same (both have 20-25db heairng loss from Bad Genes but that irregardless I had that prior to this whole ordeal Both are within 0-5db at all frequencies) Before this all started my Left ear was my strong ear. As basically everyone has one ear they "feel" is stronger. Assuming your strong ear was the one affected by your T or hearing loss how long did it take for your brain to "catch up" and learn to Adapt... Right now This "fake" fullness with some minor T is mentally and physically taking it out of me..... (luckily I will be able to get some anxiety/stress medications next week which I hope will help me settle down.)

      The main reason I raise this question is I lost all vision in one eye suddenly at 18 (retina detachment)... So I fully know the power/the Dumbness of the brain to adapt. Spent 2 months walking into walls and 6 months relearning depth perception .... So I realize that eventually my brain will catch up and understand that my good ear is now slightly worse and my former slightly weak ear is now my strong ear and with that hopefully stop this fake fullness.... Just wondered how many of you had to go through this and how long it took. and also ways you dealt with it.... Because as I said these last 2 weeks have taken it out of me mentally and physically..

      Thank you very much for any and all responses. and if any of you know of a true active hearing loss forum please let me know.
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      I experienced acoustic trauma May 20, 2014 mainly in my good ear (40dB loss in the 4k-6k range) and still have fulness and pressure from time to time. My brain has done a good job so far adapting but overall I still feel off. You will learn to adapt and grow accustomed to your new "normal" hearing.

      Best of luck to you

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