Hearing New Tinnitus Sound — Low Hollow Roaring Wind — Is Scary

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ritche, Jan 21, 2021.

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      Hello, I’ve been coping with my tinnitus for the past 10+ years. It’s a high pitch ringing, always on, always constant, never wavering. Sometimes it can get loud for a few days and it gets a bit frustrating dealing with it during those times. But recently, I’ve been dealing with some new changes and I have no idea what brought them on.

      Last month, I started hearing low vibrational base sounds differently. It was a bit disorienting. It occurred for 3-4 days and by the time I was able to see an ENT, it had gone away. My hearing test was normal but the Dr. prescribed Prednisone in case it happened again. I only recently learned that Prednisone is on a list of ototixic medications that can make tinnitus worse. I wasn’t sure if I’d follow the advice but picked up the Rx anyways. I haven’t taken it. It was disappointing that the Dr. seemed unaware of this list.

      Anyways, this past week, I’ve been hearing a new sound. It’s a low hollow roaring wind. The volume was very low the first 3 days. But last night, it got louder. I was gaming with friends and had a headset on so we can chat (no game audio, just their voices) and the volume was at a comfortable level. After that, when it was quiet, that new sound was louder. I woke up this morning to the same sound. Still as loud as the night before. I’m feeling a slight pressure in my ear today. The volume of the new sound has subsided a bit. I have a new appointment scheduled but it’s two weeks away. I don’t know if I should take the Prednisone because the stories I’ve read here resulted in folks’ tinnitus getting louder. It’s frustrating and I’m scared. I should mention that I’ve always been deaf in my right ear. I can only hear with my left ear. My usual tinnitus is manageable but this new sound is difficult. I’ve never shared my story like this before but I just needed to vent a bit. It’s hard talking to friends because they don’t know what’s it like to struggle with tinnitus.

      Thanks for reading my story and best wishes to all of us dealing with our challenges with tinnitus.
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      Hi there, Ritche!

      It's terrible to hear that you're encountering new sounds. This condition is bad enough when you have one consistent tone, but when you start adding more, which can appear at random, it just further goes to show how ugly and often untamable this beast can be.

      Prednisone is indeed potentially ototoxic and has a list of other side effects as well, but I don't think I've read too much where folks have had chronic spikes from taking it. It's possible I have missed those stories, but honestly, all the drugs and supplements and treatments effect everyone differently to some extent. Taking in substances like that is peak "your mileage may vary", which does suck because there's really no way to know for sure until you do it. I can understand your hesitation to go further, however. It's going to be a measured risk you take either way. You need to keep in mind that the longer you linger before taking the prednisone, the less effective it may be in addressing your potential trauma. This regimen is time sensitive.

      You may want to consider putting a hold on the headset for a while, especially if you suspect your symptom may have originally been caused by an acoustic trauma or prolonged (loud) noise exposure. If you've read here a lot, I'm sure you know that there are some who absolutely swear off headsets due to their potential to make things worse, regardless of the volume level. There are of course those who take a more moderate to liberal approach, but as mentioned before with the prednisone, everyone is different. Still, I would consider maybe using speakers or something like that. I game a bit, and honestly I don't think it's all that worse in competitive games, especially if your speakers are of some quality. Perhaps if you're really invested in playing high-end ranked matches, it would be a harder switch to make.

      Certainly hope things get better for you going forward. It's very possible the new noise you're hearing is just a result of a temporary spike that will clear in time. If it sticks around for longer than you'd like, you have shown the ability to deal with this already for ten years.

      It's great that you've taken the time to come here and talk about your problems. At least for me, I feel like it helps to converse with others. If you need anyone to speak with on the matter, I am available. Take care!
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      Hi Ritchie, I have read a few threads on this site in the past week but when I read yours I knew that I had to sign up & respond! I’ve had a high pitched ringing in my ears since 1995. It’s there all of the time. Maybe 4 years ago, I had minor surgery to remove a cyst on my neck. That day I started hearing a white noise, static kind of sound. That’s on top of the ringing sound.

      About 4 months ago, I began experiencing a noise that sounds like the rumbling of thunder or a loud wind. I think that this might be similar to what you’re hearing. At the beginning I would look outside expecting to see it raining or things blowing around & would be surprised to find it calm. When it gets louder, I sometimes feel like I’m on an airport runway!

      I have all 3 sounds at the same time but it seems to be the thunder/wind noise that is the worst. My doctor prescribed Prednisone for me too. I took it & there was no change at all for me.

      I just went to a clinic that specializes in hearing issues, dizziness, etc. and, because I have other health problems, the doctor felt that he was limited in what he could offer. He did prescribe a compound medication that he said is sometimes helpful. Today is only my 3rd day on this med so I really don’t know yet how helpful it might be.

      I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone. Even though I realize that each case is unique, I completely understand what you’re describing. I’m here anytime you want to talk.
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      @Ritche, don't you think your brain will adapt to the new sounds if you give it time?
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      I'd do the steroids but only once and taper very very slowly off.

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