Hebrew National Hot Dogs — 150 cals vs. Organic (Same Size) — 90 cals.

Discussion in 'Health Talk' started by Brianna, May 6, 2015.

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      In my continued effort to eat better, I pick up organic stuff (or milk products are either organic now or from overseas). You do not want to know what's really in dairy products allowed by the FDA because it may make you throw up. It doesn't mean it will lessen tinnitus and it's just a safe thing for me to do. Organic dogs were on sale, so I bought them. The first thing I noticed was the calorie difference for the same-size hotdog I'd eat.

      Hebrew Nat'l (HN) dogs are 150 calories each (HN dogs are made by ConAgra and have been for the last 20 years and now I wouldn't trust eating ConAgra products on my deathbed.). The organic dogs are 90 calories. That means (and I will dispute ConAgra's claim of no fillers) the HN dogs are pumped with junk. I even went online to see what was in them but it's not spelled out clearly anywhere. There's a reason for that.

      I know "kosher" does not mean better. That's always the case. What's logical and safer for me is to cut out processed (corn-anything) sugars - corn syrup, fructose, etc. One day I may achieve it.

      Be careful about what y'all consume. If you're in the U.S., it's a lot trickier (I believe) than what you get in Europe. Their standards for food consumption are a lot safer.

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