Hello, 24/7 Tinnitus, 6 Months Now, Not Doing Well

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Evian, Jul 5, 2015.

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      I'm not sure how I got it and doing all the soul searching of was it loud noise (went to wedding with loud disco before aural fullness started). Dental work causing endless sinutits infections, long them meds, TMJD etc

      Then I think what's the point I've got it and I'm lumbered with it:-(

      Needless to say like everyone who hangs out on this board I hate it also have H with it, don't understand it.

      But I am chronically sleep deprived as I just can't sleep with it.

      I have TV on listen to a relaxation tape, but wake up after 2 of 3 hours with it screaming and that's it. I'm already on sleeping meds so can't go there. I don't like the white noise and worry that it reinforces the noise if the T with the brain.

      You would t think the human body could throw so much at you and let you carry on living :-(
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      Welcome @Evian
      :-( I had to look that up, I out of it when it comes to text emoticons. Yes you can be angry. That last sentence sums it up. T is not like a broken arm or a strained back. Its so incessant, if I can use that word, happening every second of our lives.

      The onset of T, after 6 months, I know what your saying. It took me a much longer time to feel/get better about it all, still have bad times. I kind of view T it as being solely internal to me, where as the rest of my life is external. That thought is not much help if the sleeping is interrupted.

      The sleep issue is a big deal, it was for me. Your own words, you said it, - carry on living, which I keyed on. I tried to regain a regular scheduled life. I mean most of us get up and go to work. Get back to the doctor and check out other medications for sleeping all-night. I take a low does of antidepressants, not sure what they do, but I think they help.
      Some people have a glass of wine at night. Carry on, as you say, you must, it will get better,, I hope for all of us.
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      not sure
      Evian, welcome to TT. Sorry to hear your suffering. We understand what you are going through. Most of us have been where you are. For your sleep problem, are you on any sleep meds right now? If you wake up and T screaming, perhaps use some pleasant nature sound which matches your T, such as rain, shower, waterfall, waves, running water, and perhaps mixed with bird sound. These are better to the senses than white noise. You can get these sounds from youtube by typing search of tinnitus masking sounds, or you can use the masking tracks from TT in the link below. This thread also links you to a sleep thread for more ideas to help sleep.


      For helping with sleep, instead of sleep meds from the doctor, you can try natural alternatives such as Camomile tea, Hops, Valerian tablets, Melatonin etc. Check out this site on using natural herbs for sleep problem:

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      Thanks for the welcome folks. Even though I guess we don't want to be here.

      I've tried the various noise apps on you tube. I really hate the White noise one as it sounds so like my T it winds me up. I'm using a relax one at the moment sort of nature sounds.

      No sleep at all last night.

      I have been taking amitryptilyne for years for another condition then a few years ago had poor sleep so am prescribed zopiclone. I've even been given a few Valium by my GP but I know that's a dangerous route to go down

      I need to look at the alternatives.

      Bit disappointed after reading some of people's accounts as theirs seems to start of quiet quite but mine seems so loud. Maybe that's my perception I'm frightened to measure incase it is Radley loud and makes me frightened I won't habituate.

      I think sleep is a really important factor and am scared that it is one I can't seem to deal with at the moment
    5. Carroc

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      Do you take the amitriptyline in addition to zopicolne?
    6. AUTHOR

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      Yes, I've taken it for years for something called Fibromyalgia it us the tiny pain killing dose of 10mg not the 400mgs that is used for depression. At the moment because I'm only 6 months with T, I'm frightened to change anything incase it makes it worse.

      I have been taking them together for about 6 years. Probably why I am so ill

      Someone gas suggested melatonin and now I am lumbers with this permanent T , I might discuss with my Doctors swapping the zopiclone for melatonin

      I'm worried that lack if sleep will stop me habituate. I have read all the sleep hygiene stuff which is basically the same as normal insomnia stuff - had insomnia all my life, but it is off the scale with T.
    7. william adams

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      one week after leg surgery plus hearing loss in higher freq.
      I take 1/2 of an ambien befor bed which puts me out four hours then take the other half and get 3 to 4 more hours sleep. Eventually I started falling asleep with out it and was doing fine but I do play nature sounds from youtube to help mask the high pitched sound..

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