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    1. James69

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      Hello! I have had ear problems for almost 3 weeks now.
      It started after the Levofloxacin I was prescribed (for a bacterial & ear infection) appeared to cause ear-ringing. Stopped it, tone gradually went away. Got a 2nd script (Clarithromycin) (Biaxin XL 500 mg) from GP (still sick from virus) . At the same tile, I began being quite sensitive to loud noises (TV, music), plus began experiencing a fullness in right ear. By the end of the week, in a quiet house, I noticed the steady tone I last experienced a week earlier. However, this time it didn't go away.

      Went to ENT & they said I had ETD with T, but no hearing loss or damage to the ear. Gave me Nasonex to open the ET & said it may take at least two weeks to recover (they said the ringing may stop). I am struggling to get used to this inner tone and fear I may need a stronger sleeping aid than Tylenol PM to sleep. Haven't got more than 5 hours sleep for 9 days & it has kept me from work. What to do?
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      not sure
      Welcome to TT, James, and sorry about your suffering. Not sure about what you mean by 5 hours of sleep in 9 days. If that is the total sleep in 5 days, then sure that is bad for T. Sleep deprivation is a sure way to fire up loud T. Have you tried any natural stuffs for sleep? Instead of sleep meds from the doctor, you can try natural alternatives such as Camomile tea, Hops, Valerian tablets, Melatonin etc. Check out this site on using natural herbs for sleep problem:


      Your may want to mask your T especially at bed time to reduce the anxiety which can affect sleep. Get some bed time masking such as a sound machine or a sound pillow etc., so you can fall asleep better. You can also use the masking sounds on this TT thread which also has link to a sleep thread for more ideas to help with sleep.


      (the icons on the left side give you instructions step by step)

      Also, supplements may help to reduce or stabilize T. Members here often recommend some good supplements, such as NAC, Magnesium, Zinc, B12, D3, etc., and reduce intake of salt, sugar, MSG, caffeine, alcohol etc.

      Mild forum of relaxing exercise can also bring down the anxiety level. Try to stay calm and positive. This will reduce stress and anxiety which are toxic to T. Read up the success stories to give you more hope and learn some good insights from others how to get better. Take care and God bless.
    3. AUTHOR

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      sorry for the confusion. No. I am usually getting between 2 and 5 hours of sleep a night. I think my kidneys may be responsible for waking me up b/c the water I take for the TylenolPM has been sitting inside me for upwards of 7 hours. Did a little better overnight. Asleep by 3:30, up just before 8. Laid in bed awake for an hour & fell asleep for another hour. have read about supplements helping some people, can these supplements get rather pricey? I have another visit tomorrow with ENT. I also wonder if this could be TMJ, as my jaw has never been properly aligned. However, I am looking at all potential causes: longtime caffeine user (soda, chocolate, and coffee added to the list in last 5 years, but never a HUGE coffee drinker), started to attend concerts in last 4 years (almost always WITH earplugs) on a regular basis & tend to stand near stage (about 30 to 80 feet when possible) so I could get photos of the performers. Wish I had been content to stand 200+feet back, in retrospect. Also took about 41 800 mg ibuprofen tablets over a 4-month period for back pain/general pain. I am somewhat overweight and I rarely consumed many healthy things, opting for fast food and packaged food/candy/cookies most of the time. I pray my lifestyle didn't do me in.

      Am eating healthier now. No caffeine for a week, very few sweets, trying to limit packaged foods (I have always favored chocolate-sweetened cereals, which may also be a culprit. Gonna try Kix, Cheerios, of Special K: guessing I should avoid all flavored versions of them? Trying to limit salt intake too (looking at labels closer).

      This is tough...
    4. Jose0964

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      For me i have a low pitch T not to strong most of the time i can ignore it
      From 1 to 10 i would soy its a 3 or 4

      I tried a low salt diet and it helpt a lot! But it takes time for it to work im in my second month of tinnitus so indont know much yet.

      But here you will find lots of people who want and will help you get your T under control

      I hope the best for u my friend and in my personal expirience it gets better with time! HOPE IS NOT GONE

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