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      I went to the ENT in 2010 because, as my wife would often comment, I seemed to be losing my hearing. I was diagnosed with tinnitus at that appointment, after experiencing the symptoms for many years without any discomfort.
      For the last three years, it has not bothered me at all… it’s just the way I heard the world. A few weeks back though, like the flip of a switch, it started to bother me. One second I was fine, the next I was either hypersensitive to the tinnitus or it suddenly intensified.
      It seems more likely that the former is what happened. But since then, I have of course been focusing on it and exacerbating things.
      There was no environmental-dietary trigger that I am aware of… we were just watching a movie when it happened.
      Has anyone had this same “sudden onset” issue after having lived with tinnitus for many years without incident?
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      Who Knows
      Ins, welcome to the group. To bad about the jump in the tinnitus. My severe tinnitus came on just like yours, like a flip of a switch. I did not have tinnitus before that though. Hopefully yours will go back down to a tolerable level soon. there are many here is various posts that have had tinnitus like you for sometime, and then it just goes to a whole new level.

      Others will be chiming in soon....
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      Hello and welcome, instride.

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