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Discussion in 'Support' started by desertdune, Oct 26, 2017.

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      I am so thrilled to find this forum! I've had PT for almost a year. I remember the exact moment it came on - my partner and I had just driven 6 hours from the beach to the mountains. I felt something shift in my head and figured it was my sinuses. Thump thump thump. Definitely aligned with my heartbeat. (unilateral L side)

      QUESTION: I read in many posts here about people finding an MD on whooshers.com but don't see any search or page for that. I live in Tucson, now. There were many entries for Dr. Shapiro in NYC and while I love NY, I wonder if there are any West Coast resources or how to research on whooshers?

      Other info about my health - silly healthy for over 50. Not on any meds. Did have some years of stress and am using herbs to realign and strengthen my adrenals. Low BP (90/56). Do spin class 3x per week, yoga a few times per week and get out hiking every couple of weeks. No other health issues. Whole foods vegan diet, appropriate weight, cholesterol etc. I do have degeneration C456 on the R side and my PT is unilateral L side.

      thanks for support! I look forward to healing and then paying it forward ;-)

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