Hello and Happy New Year — This Is My Story

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      Hello all, I’ve been on this journey now quite a while. I don’t have anything to add to what’s been said by many of you here (where I’ve been a lurking member since late 2014 when I first developed the old tinnitus from too much loud music exposure).

      I do just want to say thank you to this site for your clear and concise set-up and to all of you who have contributed so much insight and information. It has been my main way to deal with the occasional anxieties coming from spikes.

      I’ve always somehow gotten back to a baseline. I’m finally writing something here due to a spike, but I know it should be fine. And if not, I’ll come here to cope.

      I must also say that, along with this site, Julian Cowan Hill has been a helpful voice of reassurance on his YouTube channel.

      Also, I can’t say enough about getting custom-fit noise-reducing earplugs. They are worth every single penny. I was able to get on with my life in loud environments (including loud band practices/performances, live concerts, bars, and loud social situations).

      Happy New Year and peace to you all, Robert

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