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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by JULIE L, Sep 10, 2017.

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      So my ears have been ringing for around 2-3 weeks now. I'm glad I found this website, I've read a lot of good information so I'm trying not to be too stressed about it at this stage. My sound is a high pitched even tone sound which doesn't bother me too much during the day as normal sounds knock much of it out. Night time is a bit of a trial because I've never been a good sleeper anyway so now its even more difficult. I've found a 10 hour youtube video with water and cricket sounds which masks it fairly well. Plug in the ipad and let it run all night.

      Antidepressents help me relax and get to sleep eventually. Last night though was a bit of a failure.

      Not sure what triggered mine: I got a new computer about 6 weeks ago and immediately noticed when it's on, it emits a bit of a high pitched squeal. Decided I didn't like the noise and would mention it when I took it back for its 3 month service.

      I usually have it running most of the day so I wonder, if this could have triggered the T? I sit in there and watch movies and do craft and paperwork even if I'm not actively using it.

      Anyway, I'm taking it to the shop to see if they can fix the noise and I'm hoping my Tinnitus settles down with time. No sure if the computer caused it, maybe just a coincidence.

      I know a few people with T - my dad's had it for years and he doesn't notice his anymore. Not much anyway.

      So trying to stay positive and hope for the best.
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      Syringing + Somatic tinnitus from dental work
      @JULIE L It's possible that a high pitched squeal from a computer could cause tinnitus, but maybe that's not the reason for your tinnitus. Although, a few who have tinnitus here and other places say the sounds of their computer gave them the gift of tinnitus. Electric currents can cause tinnitus, but more so from powerful sources such as power lines or utility.

      Many young people get tinnitus from noise exposure. Middle age and older people tend also to get tinnitus from there bodies and that would also include hearing or maybe a twisted neck while ranking the lawn. There's several group topics as ways to get tinnitus. Each one of these groups has subgroups. Some of these subgroups include many related ways to get tinnitus. Neck problems, dental, dental procedures, illnesses, medical conditions, are just some that have large subgroups.

      I just read an article where a person thinks he got tinnitus just about instantly after his electric toothbrush touched his wrist. Trying to figure out one's cause of tinnitus and if that single factor alone caused their tinnitus is difficult to reason.

      Hoping for the best for you.

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