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      I have had tinnitus since I don't know when because for the longest time I thought it was normal and I didn't usually hear it unless it was very quiet. My first tinnitus was caused by constantly listening to music on headphones. About two months ago, I learned about the symptom so I started using headphones less. However, over the last week, I have developed a new tinnitus sound. This one is different. I almost don't hear it in quiet surroundings. It seems to react to background noise. Mostly it sounds like a mosquito buzzing in my left ear.

      I went to the doctor last week and found out that I have a hearing loss. The doctor said if it doesn't go away in 2 weeks, it will stay forever. Is anyone experiencing this? Will it get better? I'm so scared right now. I'm only 25.
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      First of all I have read stories about people's noise-induced T going after two years, so I wouldn't take much notice of the fact this doctor believes it won't go after two weeks. I am guessing your T is caused by noise - you haven't had a cold etc that could block your ears and cause this?

      If it is noise-induced I would suggest that you don't listen to loud music, and perhaps don't listen to music at all for a little while to give your ears a break. Hopefully it will go on its own. Avoid loud places e.g. clubs, bars, concerts, and take earplugs around with you in case you are surrounded by loud noise and can't get away (however do not use earplugs for ordinary day sounds as this can cause Hyperacusis, where sounds are painful to the ear; only use earplugs if the noise is very loud).

      Let us know how you get on.
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      I have yet to find an ENT or other Dr. that is determined to help try and cure or reduce my Tinnitus. However this forum has been very helpful. I read somewhere where one woman was cured by her Dr. prescribing a high dose pack of Prednisone, 60 mg/day for 14 days, followed by a five-day taper (50 mg, 40 mg, 30 mg, 20, mg, 10 mg). I told my Dr. and she only agreed to try (60 mg for only 4 days, then taper) and it seemed to reduce the loudness of the ringing but did not cure it. Long term usage of Prednisone definitely has adverse side effects but it was worth a shot. I'm hoping the FDA will soon approve some of the other treatments that are still in clinical trials such as: AM-101 by Auris medical and Vagus nerve stimualtion developed by MicroTransponder. Hope this helps...good luck.
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      Thank you for your replies. They are very helpful.

      I'm gonna talk more about my conditions. I don't hear the new tinnitus all day long. I don't usually hear it after waking up in the morning. Mostly, I start to hear it clearly in the afternoon (sometimes sooner). Once it starts it stays almost the rest of a day until I fall asleep. At first it sounded like a mosquito buzzing in my left ear, but now it sounds like a chainsaw being used. I mainly hear it in my left ear, and occasionally in my right one too. My new tinnitus is different than those of most people. It seems to react to background noise. For example, it gets louder and higher when I hear a running water sound. It reacts to every sound I hear. However when I'm in quiet surroundings, I barely hear it. Why is my tinnitus like this? Any chance it will disappear?
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      Mine sounds sooooo similar to yours!!!! Ours are probably both at the same level of loudness. And i too have a weird noise which sounds between bells or chimes swingin back and forth, and theres also hissin and prob other tones but these two i notice more often. Mine reacts to certain noises also like climbs in pitch but as soon as i stop that noise or leave the room to go somewhere silent its normal again. I barely hear mine when waking up, then like afternoonish its more noticeable and night time also but as i lay there even in almost quiet to sleep the tones like mix in with the quiet and its like its not even there. But i have had this for almost 7 monthes now and i can say that even though i have a real mild case of T, i dont believe its goin anywhere but im okay with that cause im more aware now and protect my ears. But who knows anyone could wake up tommorrow without it, but if it was between me and someone with severe T id let them have the T free card cause some have it ALOT worse.

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