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      Hello people.. I'm Jeremia Agustinus Manullang (people usually call me Jeremy instead tho). I'm a 30-year-old man living in Indonesia (Jakarta) and working as a teacher.

      So, I started having this buzzing sound sensation on my left ear in April 2015. It started pretty unnoticeable in the beginning, but built up quite considerably a month after that it really bothered me while sleeping. My sound is like a cricket crawling in my ear canals. Having visited the ENT doctor, I wouldn't be given any special treatment as the doctor thought that it's not a tinnitus. Until I couldn't take this anymore, then I decided to get the second opinion from another ENT from different hospital. I did audiometry test and they finally (not to excited here tho) said that I have this T! Trying to find out the causes, I decided to take the MRI test as suggested by the Neurologist and they found out that I have this so called Dandy's Walker (you might want to google that if curious).

      It's been a year now that my T sound gets louder and louder and I have this constant yet periodical headache. Not only do I have a severe headache, I also experience tremors on my palms (the left side is worse), plus my head starts spinning whenever I forget to sleep in an elevated position.

      I have currently talked to my Neurologist and he told me that everything is actually fine with me; but why do I feel it worsens my life? From the articles and journals I've been reading, this T can make you experience bad stuff like severe dizziness, panic attack, constant apprehension, and even heart attack. It's all because not only does this affect your physical condition, but it contributes a lot towards your psychological condition. So for now on, I'm still waiting whether or not it's necessitated for me to take another MRI test or not. Because the doctor was afraid if that Dandy's walker is actually not, but tumor or cancer. But again he told me, I am pathologically fine when he gave me a check up the last time. Only when I have this tremor quite recently that he's also concerned about another significant cause underlying my T.
      Speaking of which, I've been consuming Tebokan special 80mg (once a day) or Tebokan 40mg (twice a day) for a year now. Also, I start to sleep with the sound mask from my phone.

      I've always wanted to find a group of people suffering this T so that we could share stories and motivate each other. So please do contact me in person, and I will feel really contented if we can share. See you all!
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      Head trauma, then acoustic trauma, then more acoustic trauma
      Hi Jeremia, welcome to the forum. There's a lot of really good information here and a lot of support. I hope your health issues improve and you get the answers you need.:welcomesignanimation:
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      Hi jeremia -

      I am also suffering from T - 3 weeks now and this is my first post. I do think that you have come to the right place as there seems to be alot of people with experience here that will help us get through this. What is on your side is your youth and it sounds like you are doing all of the right things.

      Just by sharing your post says alot about the kind of person you are. It takes alot of courage to talk to people about this disorder.

      Again, wish you well and don't give up the fight.

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