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      I have been suffering from aspirin induced tinnitus since May 17, 2016.

      After having thrown out my back on Sunday, May 15, I took the 2 aspirins (650 mg) on Monday afternoon and then again on Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon, I noticed a slight ringing in my left ear. After two days the ringing did not subside. I looked at the box of Bayer aspirin and saw that I was to stop use and ask a doctor if a ringing in the ears of a loss of hearing occurs.

      I visited a Japanese ENT the following Sunday (May 22) and he ran a series of hearing test and thoroughly examined both my ears. He prescribed medications which I took for a couple of days and then stopped as I read that they are no miracle cures and I did not want to have additional side effects from these medications.

      Since that time I have continued to have a ringing that I would describe as a 7500Hz tone. I have been using a white noise free app that I discovered after doing some reading on the internet. I selected the crickets chirping sound as my masking sound of choice and have been able to sleep soundly for the past few weeks after having issues for the first week of having T.

      I have read that aspirin induced tinnitus usually subsides once you cease taking the aspirin. I only took two (what I consider to be normal) doses of aspirin and have taken aspirin at different times in my life without any side effects. I wanted to find out from other aspirin induced tinnitus suffers what their experiences have been and how long did their tinnitus last.


      Jeff in Japan
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      A loud Concert - Noise Exposure

      Let's be hopeful, but aspirin is an ototoxic drug, which means you could have permanent damage.

      But as I said let's be hopeful, there is a chance T can go away!

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