Hello from Squamish — My Story (Tinnitus, Otosclerosis, Possible Eustachian Tube Disorder)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Kipper6.6, Jul 1, 2021.

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      Hello to all here!

      I have had tinnitus steady since January 2021, however I have had short bouts (0-10 minutes) for years. It affects both ears but mostly the left where I have always had otosclerosis but stable hearing over the years (actually slightly improved since youth).

      The initial trigger is not really certain but may have been related to taking Spirulina, but it didn't go away after stopping. At times it has gotten quite bad in both ears then goes away a bit but the left ear is always making noise. I have A LOT of fullness sensation in both ears and popping/clicking. The main daily trigger seems to be food... any food... but especially fruit. Caffeine seems to have no impact.

      I have gone to an ENT who couldn't see anything and therefore told me there is nothing he could do (and also wouldn't listen to my story as to him it's all speculation). My Eustachian tube entrance looks normal but I am highly suspicious of Eustachian Tube Disorder. The only relief I have found comes from sinus medications which would also lean toward ETD as I have always struggled with pressure balance in the ears.

      While it sucks I have long suspected that this time would come in my life and it doesn't affect me psychologically much but I am looking forward to reading everyone's stories and advice so I can exhaust all avenues before resignation that this is how my life will play out.

      Thank you all for listening :)
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      Well, otosclerosis is well known to cause of tinnitus, so I'm not sure why this isn't your prime suspect. How have you been diagnosed?

      The good news is that you may be able to resolve it via surgery, if otosclerosis is the root cause and you are good candidate for it.

      What does your audiogram look like? Can you post a copy of it here? Blank out any personal info.
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      Hello kipper,

      I too have otosclerosis (in my right ear) for about 6 years now and only just begun experiencing slight tinnitus. I made a post just today about it.

      Definitely can relate to the feeling of fullness in the affected ear which for some reason I had never noticed or felt before.

      I too had some short bursts of tinnitus over these years which always resolved quickly (usually woke up with it gone).

      Keen to know how you are dealing with your tinnitus, has it improved? And have you considered surgery? It seems we were both able to live with the hearing loss with minimal issues for quite some time.

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