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      I was a kid
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      machines, tractors, others
      Hi everyone! I'am Thediyman2015 and now i'am going to tell you my story of my tinnitus and the reason I have it.

      It started off when I was a small kid. My dad used chainsaws, tractors and other fun stuff. I loved watching him driving the tractor, but it was propably to loud for my ears. I remember saying to my mom ''I can hear beep sounds in my ears''. Back in the day I didn't know what tinnitus was, and my mom didn't understand what I meant with ''I can hear beep sounds in my ears''. Over the years it's gotten worse. When I was a kid it was easy to forget about the tinnitus because in my brain I converted the beep sound into firewood circular saw sounds and I really loved that sound when I was a kid and I still do today. When I was a kid I did not have a hard time sleeping at all. Because as I said, I converted the tinnitus sound into saw machines sounds which I really like to listen to. But nowadays everything has changed. My tinnitus has gotten a lot louder/worse. It can be really REALLY hard to sleep. So what I do is I watch youtube videos on my tablet when I'am in my bed before I sleep and it seriously helps. It makes me forget about the tinnitus and makes it a lot easier for me to sleep. But when I wake up the hell starts again. Loud as hell, the only thing that helps is watching a youtube video or listening to some good music in speakers, not headphones because I do not like the bass response of headphones :D Usually I forget about the tinnitus during the day when I'am working with my electronics projects or doing something else. Outside it's fine, I can hear the tinnitus but not that loud (thanks birds!!). Inside it's horrible. I can hear the tinnitus extremely loud. When I'am inside I like playing with my computers and they make noise (thanks fans!!) so when I use my computers I can't hear my tinnitus. But as soon as I turn the computer off... BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

      Well... Tinnitus is not fun to have in any way, but I'am enjoying my life anyway :D

      I hope that you are having a nice day and I will see you all later :) /Thediyman2015
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      Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
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      A loud Concert - Noise Exposure
      I'm glad you are still enjoying life even with T!

      It's great to hear :)
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      Hello from Austria

      1:4 *cough*


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