Hello! I Am Błażej. I Am 24 and I Have Tinnitus

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      I am Błażej.
      I live in Poland and i am 24. Sorry for my poor english at first.
      My story with T is short. Month ago I was shooting with a Kalashnikov...
      I always do this with ears protectors - but one time i didnt.
      After that i woke up with T(left and right ear)
      and hearing loss (right ear) and for a one week than i decided to go to Hospital.
      They gave me 8 drips with pentoxyfiline and it helps me a little.
      Now i must take pills with pentoxyfiline - that almost habituate my T in right ear.
      But there is no way to habituate my left ear.

      I hope I will not give up.
      Before accident I thought about myself I am imperishable, immortal, bulletproof and nothing can stop me -
      That because my physical condition and motivation inside me.
      I had plans for the future... family, marathons, special forces and many others... I loved my life...
      Now i know that was only my sick pride and now i must pay for it.
      I hope that will not break my soul.
      My whole life I have in mind words of Winston Churchill
      "Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never"
      I think God help me to survive :)
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