Hello, I Suffer from Tinnitus. Can Some Kind People Answer My Questions?

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      Hello, I come from the UK and I would like to ask some questions about tinnitus and just explain how I got it. Ok one day about 18months ago I was out with friends. They decided to turn the volume up on a song which was extremely loud, the beat was bringing pain to both my ears. I sat there and thought 'I need to tell them to turn this down or I'll regret it for a while' (didn't think it would be this long)

      however for some reason I never did because I didn't want to be seen as a person who spoils fun. After about 5 minutes I asked them and it was turned down without any problem ( a problem I thought I would create by asking in the first place) From the moment I returned home I regretted what had just happened blaming myself for the fact that It was as simple as asking for the volume to be put down. How can I deal with it? sometimes the T is not the problem but the fact it could of been avoided so simply and I knew that tinnitus would be the likely outcome (albeit temporary).

      I can count 2 times where the noise went completely for several hours no more than a day. Why is this?

      It's now screaming at me, I was told it can still go even after this time (18 months)? Is this true, will I wake up one day and it has gone?

      Can Noise induced tinnitus be caused without actually harming hearing? because I went to a hearing test and they told me my hearing was normal for a 21 year old.

      It's hard to hear something quieter than the sound I can hear in my head so if a quiet noise happens I know it's there but the buzzing is masking it somewhat.

      Thank you for reading I tried to explain the best I can :)
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      One loud indoor concert
      I also got my T from loud music - an indoor concert. I didn't realise just one event could cause so much damage. It was a 2 hour concert. I'm not a person that normally goes to loud music. I did not think it was the type of music that would be loud so did not know the dangers and that hearing protection was required. I thought it was way too loud, but there were people all around me not bothered, and I didn't want to be rude and climb over them to get out. I thought I was just being too sensitive. I've only had T 4 months but I know it is permanent. I have read of other people who have T from noise and yet a test shows no hearing loss. However most tests only go up to 8,000Hz. It is the frequencies above this that you lose first from noise exposure. I noticed significant hearing loss the day after the concert. My test went to 12,000 Hz. I have mild to moderate loss up to 8,000Hz, but above that its severe. I've lost all hearing above 8,000Hz. However my exposure was 2 hours - not 5 mins. This test only really told me what I already knew, as I could no longer hear certain sounds. You may possibly have a slight loss at a higher frequency that is causing your T, but maybe not. In the end it does not really matter as unfortunately that cannot be fixed. You can only be very careful with your hearing from now on. As you have occasions when your T disappears I hope for you that maybe in time you will get more improvement. However nobody can really tell you for sure.

      You did say that sometimes T is not the problem but just your regrets that it could have been avoided. This is understandable. I too still sometimes blame myself, (and the venue). I wish I had known better and I would have left. I would have run out of there. We have to forgive ourselves.
      Take care of yourself

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