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      I am 61 and I have my T for 4 years. I remember that day very clear - I was on rehabilitation after cardio hospital and I felt hissing in my head and some kind of face numbing. It was early in the morning just after waking up and from that time my T never stopped... I have T like some kind of "hissing", the main frequency is between 8 and 9 kHz. It's similar to some background sound when you are in complete silence but much more louder. I can also compare it to the sound producing by cicadas but more regular and smooth.
      By the way my cardio diagnisis was not confirmed - I had not heart attack and there were pain and bad state related to strong neuralgia of thoracic spine. I still have the neuralgia, strong vertebral and spine osteochondrosis at the moment.
      From what I happened to know about tinnitus mine T can be connected to the following:
      - hearing nerve damage by strong cardio medicines (may be aspirin?)
      - strong neuralgia and osteochondrosis against a background of great stress in cardio hospital.
      At least there was concurrency.
      Of course there could be other reasons - I'm not a doctor and a lot of doctors I addressed to could not explain the real reasons of my T or could not give any useful recommendations. I am from Russia and in general the most of ENTs here do not know at all about T and it's treatment.
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      Hi @Alex :) My T is similar to yours and I have had it for more than 4 years too. I'm in Italy and, trust me, all doctors also have no clue about what a T is, and how to cure it. Welcome to TT.
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      I'll never know
      Sup Alex & welcome o/
      Seems a worldwide phenomena to me as it's pretty much the same here >_<
      Might I ask how much asprin you took & for how long you took it? I ask because I too took it a little too heavily before all this...
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      Thanks Valentina! I always suspected that tinnitus treating is like a great puzzle. But we need to hope for good anyway...
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      Hi Copesy, of course I do not remember now how much the aspirin doses were. It was standard treatment course for suspected heavy heart attack during 3 weeks in hospital than rehabilitation for 4 weeks in sanatorium. As I remember exactly I had a lot of Thrombo ASS, heparin, egilok, aspirin-cardio and some others. After rehabilitation I took for months metoprolol (beta lock-zock) and aspirin-cardio. As I mentioned that was a great medical mistake with my heart - I suffered from neurological diseases, symptoms were the same. But what's done can't be undone though...
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      I suspect Aspirin played a role in the worsening of my tinnitus as well.

      I hurt my back, took Aspirin regularly for about eight or nine months, had a stressful period at work and then one day, what felt like out of nowhere but was probably a cumulative effect, my tinnitus was 10x louder than before.
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