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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Debjj, Nov 11, 2012.

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      Virus in the ears
      Hi, I am new to this website, but pleased I've found it. I have had tinnitus for 8 years, the result of a virus I contracted in my ears. Over the years I have tried numerous things but nothing has really had any effect. Sometimes I am able to habituate quite well, but at others, I struggle - like everyone else with T. However, I have just started on some London based trials of the ANM Neurostimulator. Is anyone else out there on theses trials? I have been through a whole variety of tests etc to get this far & I eventually had the device fitted last week. I have to say that at present I am not finding it easy or pleasant to wear. Although having said that, obviously I am enormously grateful to be on these trials & I will of course try anything to get rid of my T. Just wondered if anyone else has tried one of these? At the moment my T.is dreadful. The device seems to have really kicked it off badly again. I go back for review in 2 wks, but in the meantime I have to wear it 4-6 hours daily. Not easy! Let me your thoughts please people.
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      Hi Debbjj, well done on getting on those trials - I always imagine they're way oversubscribed. Even if it's uncomfortable now, there's a chance they can fix that if it's effective overall.

      You sound like you have a positive state of mind, which is good to see.

      I don't have any experience with the treatment you're on, hopefully someone else here will. Thanks for introducing yourself, you're very welcome.


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