Hello, I'm Svein. I have tinnitus

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      I live in Norway, just north of Oslo. I've had t for 12 years now. It's become harder to handle the last two years. I'm 59 years old, married, work as a teacher for immigrants, like walking and outdoors life, music and reading.
      My wife and I sing in our church choir, I love Mozart and other classical music, I play the guitar a little, and generally try to keep pleasant distractions between me and tinnitus.
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      Svein, hi and welcome!

      It doesn't probably matter at this point, but it's always sort of a curiosity of mine, how did you acquire your T?
      Would you say you were habituated to T before it became harder to handle?

      Your distractions sound great and for many are what keeps them sane, at least in the more difficult phases..

      A little off topic by the way, but have to make a notion: I'm from Finland so we are almost from the same country! :D
    3. Hi Svein, glad to see you here.:D
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      Thanks, Warren and Markku. :)

      I got tinnitus in 1999, after a period of stress due to computer strain in arm and shoulders, losing my job, and training for a new profession as a teacher. I also had cancer in 2002 and a heart attack in 2009. I think the mental strain after the heart attack is the main reason for my growing problems with coping, plus side effect from medicines.
      I also have a slight hearing problem in high frequencies, due to age and maybe damage in young years from the army and loud concerts.
      I guess I was sort of habituated to T before it got worse, but it was a growing problem before the heart attack.

      I been to Finland a few times, but just to drive through to Northern Norway. We have a lot in common, among them beating the swedes in skiing!:D

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