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      Hello fellow freinds.

      My name is Thomas. I´m 16 and from Norway.
      I started getting T right before the summer vacation.
      I wasnt bothered at first but it started getting worse.
      I was scared of how i was going to live my life when i grew up, i was afraid extremely afraid
      like how will i be able to get a wife and kids? Sleeping with sounds, depressed and lots of other things
      But, ive gained hope.
      I do hope for a cure one day, i do believe.

      Reading on this forum has helped me quite alot, i appriciate all the posts and such.
      Great motivation to help me move forward, all these inspiring stories on how it got better.
      I´ve decided not to let my T bring me down.

      Thanks - Thomas
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    2. Karen

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      First time: Noise 2nd Time: Ototoxic drug
      Hello, Thomas, and welcome!

      We're so glad you've joined us, and that you have benefitted from reading some of the posts on this forum. We have two sections that you might be interested in, "Success Stories" (which you've probably already read) and the Positivity Thread under "Support". As you've already discovered, reading these stories will inspire you, and help you realize that having tinnitus isn't a hopeless situation. There are so many people who have either gotten over their tinnitus, or habituated to the point that it doesn't bother them any more.

      I'm so proud of you for not giving up, and looking toward the future with hope. Go out and live your life as normally as possible, and in time, you'll find that things will begin to improve.

      Take care, and have a peaceful evening.

      Best wishes,
    3. Brian Reade

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      after chiropractic neck adjustment
      Hi Thomas! Welcome to the forum. Keep that positive attitude.
    4. PMc

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      Most likely due to antibiotics after a major operation
      Hi Thomas! ... you truly are amongst friends, kind-hearted and very supportive friends.

      As you can see above, from Karen's reply and Brian's reply, you will discover friends who totally understand what you are experiencing at this moment in time. Friends who will always reach-out to offer help and guidance, so that you should never feel alone ... I can honestly vouch for that.

      Well-done, indeed, for saying that you do not intend to let your T bring you down ... keep your precious hopes alive ... I'm sure the future holds great surprises for us all!

      Blessings to you, Thomas ..... Paul
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