Hello, New Here and Quite Scared and Troubled

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Metalligreg, Nov 13, 2015.

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      Almost a week now
      I woke up about a week ago with a sore throat and a touch of pain in both ears. As the day progresses the pain left my throat and right ear and was centered mainly in my left ear. The pain got slightly hard to deal with for about half an hour. I put some homeopathic earache relief drops in my ear, didn't have a cotton ball available so plugged the ear with toilet paper. The pain went away but has been replaced by a loud sound. It's a constant nonstop tone that never changes. It sounds like someone has a touch tone phone to my ear with the same number being pressed constantly. Nothing I do from the outside of my head will even cause the pitch to change in any type of way. It has been a week now and it only seems to have gotten louder. Even my right ear seems to join in sometimes, but with a different high pitch tone, and not as loud. Things sound crazy through my affected ear, almost muffled. When I eat it sounds like an earthquake inside my head. The first few days there was some liquid that came out of my ear a few times, and what I once thought to be a couple of tiny pieces of toilet paper, but after looking at it better it more resembled pus. It was slimy and stretchy but very small. It has been a week now and the only change, if any, is its gotten louder. Is it ever going to stop? Any conclusions or suggestions, or any clue what's going on? Was it those ear drops? I really don't want to visit a doctor if I can at all. It has caused anxiety a few times and lots of trouble with falling asleep with a noisy cricket stuffed in my ear.
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      not sure
      Welcome to TT. If you think you have pus that may mean you have infection inside your ears. This sort of stuff should be looked after by the doctors/ENTs. If you have infection causing the T, then when the infection is taken care of, you have a high chance to see your T fading. Why delay seeing a doctor in this case? As for sleeping with T ringing, I recommend you getting some masking going on asap, such as using a sound machine at bed time. You can buy them from dept store, products such as those made by Sharper Image or Homedics. If not that, you can use the PC speakers and play some masking sounds on it. TT has a good audio player with excellent masking sounds. ]

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      Probably an ear infection or damage to the eardrums.
      Do not panic!

      Easier said than done, I know, but T absolutley feasts on things like anxiety and panic.

      It's especially easy for me to say that as I consider myself one of the extremely lucky few who habituated T early in life. I had a nad ear infection at 2 years old, and although it was fixed I got T as a side effect. Since I got it at such an early age, I thought the ringing was completely normal. It wasn't until recently I discovered it wasn't normal.

      Sorry for the life story. It's ok if you skipped it. But my point is that you should never worry about it. Plus, since it started immediatly after pain in your ears, there is a high chance of it being am ear infection or you not cleaning your ears enough.

      My motto is to mever get your hopes up about things like that, though. Why? Because if it turns out you're stuck with T for the rest of ypur life, it's that much worse.

      Anyways, I hope you get better. See you around. :3

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