Hello, New Here with Left Ear Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Discussion in 'Support' started by georgepeter, Feb 9, 2016.

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      Hi everyone, this is my first post and I am very happy I found this forum.

      About a month ago I woke up and it felt like I had been swimming all night and my left ear was full of pool water. Additionally, there was a roaring in my ear. In a week the fluid resolved but left behind was unilateral tinnitus in the affected ear. Today I saw my ENT and he discovered hearing loss in my left ear on the high end of the spectrum. Right ear was normal. He told me he needed to check to see if I had a Acoustic Neuroma and ordered a Auditory Brainstem Response test for Wednesday. He explained this test is very good at picking up signals/reactions that indicate AN. If I tested positive he was going to send me to an ear specialist at The House Clinic in Los Angeles.

      But, he said AN is very rare. Strangely my cousin has one and a family friend had surgery for this several years ago. If one goes on youtube it seems this condition is as common as tennis elbow. The Doc told me not to worry as he sees hearing loss and tinnitus in one ear all day long and is just doing this as a precaution. He said his office only sees this once every three to five years.

      Has anyone had similar experience that can help to calm my nerves? I tend to OVERREACT to any medical issues.

      And thank you in advance for any reply.

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      No personal experience, but it seems very unlikely - especially since you had fluid which provides a much simpler explanation. Here's a quote for you "Only about 10 acoustic tumors are newly diagnosed each year per million persons (Evans et al, 2005; Carlson et al, 2015), corresponding to between 2000 and 3000 new cases each year in the US." it is from http://www.dizziness-and-balance.com/disorders/tumors/acoustic_neuroma.htm
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      very rare
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      This is exactly what I have - hissing and roaring in the left ear and hearing loss. I had an MRI but no acoustic Neuroma. I am going to look into getting a hearing aid but I am not sure if that will help the tinnitus. My Dr. said an AN is rare. I have read lots of posts here that are encouraging and people learn to live and cope well with Tinnitus. I am not there yet but I am hopeful.
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      noise damage - caused by a power tool.
      Hello again Sandy,
      It's Andrew again I spoke to you last week. You must work on getting a good nights sleep, and try and relax a little. Have a nice hot bath and some wine, it'll help you relax. It will get easier Sandy, but it takes a little time. You will cope a lot better if your able to sleep, and not constantly tired.
      Stay positive,
      Best wishes,
    6. AUTHOR

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      Hi Sandy, learning to cope with this IS quite a challenge. Fortunately, like you, I do not have an AN. Strangely I know three people who have. Two required surgery and the third is being watched. It sure does not seem to me like a rare condition!

      My ENT recommend the following:


      He says this formula has shown improvement in clinical testing for some. After a week of using this my tinnitus has seemingly reduced by about 80%. I don't know if it's pills. It might be I am just getting more acclimated to the condition or the condition was temporary. In any event things are getting better.

      Best regards, Tony
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      get on the steroids RIGHT AWAY. your window of opportunity is closing

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