Hello! New to Tinnitus and Some Questions

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      Unknown, but most likely headphone loud music
      First of all, sorry for my bad english.
      I developed tinnitus on march 14, I dont know if I had it before that since I was a long time heaphone user, sometimes at high level.
      When I was about to sleep I noticed a high pitched sound, but not too loud. When I focused on it, it became very loud and I coundt sleep for the night.
      The day after I went to my ENT and prescribed some medicine for ear infection, as my both ears were kinda hurting/irritated, and the next week I went to do some ear tests.
      I thought I got tinnitus from noise induce/expose but when the results come its revealed my ears are perfect fine, and no hearing loss was found, no damage in the ears and in the hairy cells in both of them.

      Does this prove that my tinnitus is not noise induced? If its not, should I avoid using headphones?
      Another ENT prescribed me Ginko biloba for 3 months.
      Should I ask him for futher audio tests? I developed some hyperacusis at the first but I believe its settling down already.

      Sorry my anxiety is super high, even its been two weeks already, cant sleep well since I had history of anxiety and insomnia.

      Have a great day.
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      Unfortunately no hearing test can prove that your ears are "perfectly fine": even if you ace it, there is such thing as "hidden hearing loss" (google it).

      Based on what you've disclosed, I suspect your T is from listening to loud sounds through your headphones. I would take a break from that and avoid loud noises (whether via headphones or any other delivery medium).
      I wouldn't be surprised if your auditory system was insulted and need some time to get better: hopefully it will recover and your T will slowly fade with time.

      In other words, take it easy with sounds and there's a reasonable chance that your T will fade away in time.

      Good luck.
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