Hello! Not New to Tinnitus, but New to This Board (And a Question About the Flu)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mimi718, May 10, 2016.

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      Hi, all! I woke up with tinnitus in my right ear two years ago this June (I'd slept with earplugs in the night before because of a neighbor's loud party, but my doc insists that can't be the cause of T--and both my parents have T, so it's probably just genetic shit luck of the draw). It has been mostly daily but blessedly intermittent ever since--sometimes it'll be mild and uproblematic for days, sometimes I'll have 2 to 5 days where I want to jump off a bridge. You know how it is! (Also, weirdly, it often quiets when I lie down, for anywhere from a half hour to all night.) After a horrific bout of ringing over Christmas, when I was eating about 500 cookies a day, I went cold turkey on added sugar (I still eat fruit), and that seems to keep my good days count higher than my bad days count. But I'm here and finally introducing myself because I'm on day four of the worst flareup I've had since cutting the sugar. I need some support this week, I'm trying to keep from slipping into the hopelessness that's always waiting to suck me in on these bad days.

      A weird question for you all: a few weeks ago I had the flu, complete with loads of nose-blowing, coughing, congestion, high fever, and over the counter drugs. Of course I was worried it would make my T spike like crazy, but instead my ear went DEAD SILENT. For days. It was absolutely incredible. I'm shooting in the dark here, and this is probably a ridiculous hypothesis, but...is there any way head congestion can actually block the ringing from being heard? Or something?

      Anyway. Glad this board exists, and wishing good, low-ring days for everyone!
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      Hi ,
      People often find out our bodies cope with one thing and forget about one for a short time and its a good thing thank goodness.....lots of love glynis

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