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      nice to meet you.

      I've been having subjective tinnitus to my right ear for the last 8 month. Initially it was quite weak but it became much louder in the last 3-4 weeks. I also noticed that my right nostril was always clogged and I had a feeling of fullnes in the right side of my head, with some pain in the inner of my ear. The audiologist confirmed my hearing was normal and she couldn't see any sign of inflammation inside the external ear.

      Yesterday, after doing some readings, I bought Nasacort otc and I took it.
      I sprayed it inside my nose kn the horizontal direction, in order to direct the drug to the eustachius tube.

      After a few hours, I feel like that sensation of fullness, that I had in the right side of my head since I have tinnitus, it's slowly easing.

      I still feel some loud ringing but the pitch is definitly changed.

      Before taking Nasacort, my tinnitus sounded like it was localized inside my hear (extremly bothering), while now it sounds like it's coming from outside and it bothers me less (altough still not pleasant). I don't know how it will evolve in the nexy days, when the effect of Nasacort will build up. I have hope that at least I discovered that the problem is in the eustachius tube.
      Has anyone ever tried Nasacort? any feedback/suggestion about it?

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