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      Hi, I'm a newbie here. Although I have tinnitus for several years, and have spent thousands of dollars + insurance paid costs on my hearing, I've never been told what kind I have. Also, no one has talked to me about helping it. Easy for them--they can endure since they don't have it! My left ear, especially, has hearing loss and mostly a hissy noise. It does not stay the same all of the time. I wear hearing aids, and I was told that a special kind of aid could help, but they must not be very good, as no one pushed this.

      I read elsewhere about the temporary post-sound relief for some seconds, which I duplicated on line. I read on your site that these systems of PDF files are not very helpful, practically speaking. I downloaded your 14 files.

      Where do I go from here, and what kind do I have?


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