Help! Exhausted Feeling and Intensified Tinnitus After Listening to White Noise

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rakkzo, Apr 11, 2016.

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      Hi guys!

      An hour ago I did try listening to some white noise from a Youtube-video on my laptop using the built-in speakers. The volume the video was playing at were only 8% which is very low. I was sitting in a room with total silence so I did actually hear the white noise very well.

      The weird thing is that I did only listen to the sound for about 5 minutes. When I then paused the white noise and it all became silent again, my ears felt extremley exhausted like I had been to a concert. My tinnitus did at the same time feel more intense and aggressive. Almost like it got a new tone/frequency that I did not recognize from before.

      It felt like it did calm down a bit again after a while listening to other sounds like the TV. So I tried listning to the sound again in total silence, hoping that my last experience were just a coincidence or something. But I got the same result as before. The exhausting feel in the ears and intensified tinnitus.

      Now I am really scared that I did cause some damage to make the symptoms worse. Is it possible to effect your tinnitus by listning to a white noise for about 5 minutes? Or is this the effect of something else?

      Also I does not really like how the white noise sounds on my laptop speakers. It kind of feels a little bit intense and uncomfortable.

      Here is the link to the video:

      Tinnitus sound therapy 6 Hours

      Thanks in advance

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