Help Me Understand This... TMJ Problems... After Placement of a Splint Started Hearing Whooshing

Discussion in 'Support' started by anita1205, Nov 2, 2015.

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      My question may be convoluted but please bear with me. I have several episodes with inner ear accompanied by intermittent tinnitus. I have had TMJ problems for 31 years...yes I was a child when it started. Three years ago I ruptured the condyle in my right joint. I woke up with an off set bite, could not close my mouth and could not open it fully. I saw a specialist who fitted me for splints to be worn all the time. My day splint I wore solid go 10 months are so and was able to stop wearing the day splint but was told I would always have to wear the night splint to prevent reoccurrence. I have done as directed and the only time my night splint was not worn was when I would remove it in my sleep. I'm a faw clenched from way back and carry a lot of stress there, in February of this year I had a convergence of all my autoimmune health issues at once. My splints did not fit like before, so I saw a different specialist for TMJ, and only because his practice is closer to me. His cone beam CT scan from my shoulders up showed both condyles gone and changes in the bones had occurred. He made me a splint to be worn all the time or could swap out with previous night splint. I have worn it for several weeks now and this is my question. After placement of the splint I started hearing blood flow (whooshing) in both ears, I'm still having electric like jolts that feel like it's piercing my ear drum and at the jaw muscle and joint itself. After a few weeks withe whooshing the ringing started, there's always a little ringing that's very low in volume but I have spells when it's worse.. I also have quite the fullness feeling in my ear. All the different sounds that I hear makes it hard to do anything else, especially along with the other health problems I have. Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated, I'm just trying to find answers anywhere.
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      Hi Anita,
      I have a jaw problem and had a day guard made 34 years ago and had it for years till it broke.
      Ended back under a maxillofacial specialist and a night guard made.
      Im still having jaw problems and got go again to see him in December as its worse and my jaw feels out of line and my crunching jaw is worse than ever.
      I know it can cause tinnitus but my tinnitus is due to Menieres...

      Hope you go on ok and your splints start to help...lots of love glynis

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