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    1. Lyns

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      Hi everybody!
      I am new to this forum.
      My name is Lyns. I live in Ireland, and am 64 years of age.
      I would like to congratulate one and all for providing such a marvellous and informative forum.
      I have had tinnitus for nearly 17 years, contracted by a viral flu bug that either went into your lungs or head. I got the latter.
      I habituated enough over the first ten years to a point of virtually not noticing it.

      That changed in 2006 with a noise induced incident set the ball rolling on a gradual increase of the tinnitus thought dental work, reaction to antibiotics and internet Wi-Fi router.
      This I was able to reasonably habituate over the last six years as it settled onto a shaky plateau.

      Then this year ‘catastrophe’ around end of February had to deal with a convergence
      of several large problems resulting in a huge amount of stress. This coupled with a change of Phone and ISP provider i.e. new Wi-Fi etc, and for whatever reason this sent the tinnitus into a nose dive.

      I have been told I have lost a chunk of top end hearing in my left ear.
      I’m still waiting for a hearing test to see by how much has been lost.
      Since then my tinnitus has gone into free fall everything seems to bother it, pitch and intensity change frequently, which has left me somewhat at sea.

      My main problem apart from the tinnitus is I suffer with a form of xerophthalmia that requires the taking of vitamins a, e and d every so often, especially vitamin a!
      Several weeks ago I took some multi-vitamin and 30mg of beta carotene.
      I started on a Friday, everything ok until Sunday night; while watching television.
      The sensation felt like a blow out in my left ear followed by a high rush of tinnitus in both ears.

      I stopped taking the vitamins because I had noticed in the early stage of my present tinnitus upheaval that 1000mg of vitamin c with zinc had cranked it up pretty badly but came back down after a day or two.

      Unfortunately that amount of vitamin intake is not sufficient too sustain good vision in my case.
      Consequently over the last couple of weeks has deteriorated into blurry vision with my eyes feeling like two hard boiled eggs in a hot sand pit.
      Somebody suggested taking the natural vitamin route.
      I tried that juicing carrots, eating oily fish like sardines, and mackerel, sunflower seeds etc.
      This produced very good results in three days bringing my eyes back to normal.
      Then on the fourth morning after taking my first glass of carrot juice; about an hour later while getting into the car same thing happened again?
      Except this time the blow out in my left ear was a very high pitched sharp metallic ring.

      Now the tinnitus in both ears is extremely cutting and sharp also my voice sounds slightly metallic in my left ear.

      I was just wondering has anybody come across this type of tinnitus behaviour.
      I would greatly appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer.
      The present situation leaves me between a rock and a hard place.
      I have to take the vitamins otherwise my sight will suffer.

      One other thing I want to mention back in January of this year I took 52000ius of vitamin d3 over 26 days; 2000ius per day.
      I don’t know if this has any bearing on the subject.

      My heart goes out to all fellow sufferers with this incessant blight.

      Thanking you Lyns.
    2. DezDog

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      Hi Lyns

      You've really been through it. You've found an excellent community here, though, so welcome.

      Personally I'm doubtful about electronic devices (such as wifi routers) having any bearing on tinnitus, but we do have to keep an open mind. I've seen more evidence for antibiotic reactions, and there are members here who know more about that than I do.

      Stay positive
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    3. Markku

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      I would attribute the increases and changes more to stress and to the constant negative awareness of tinnitus than to wireless routers or vitamins...

      Tinnitus can change spontaneously, and it's very hard to say for sure what something caused or did not.

      My personal guess is that your tinnitus would have changed irregardless of whether or not you had taken the vitamins (or the natural alternatives later on).

      If you lived in the middle of the forest, ate all natural products, didn't use computers or watch television, I still think that you would have experienced the changes. I know, this is my humble personal opinion and I can't back it with much anything.

      Basically the point in the above of mine is that people always want answers and know why something happened. If tinnitus changed spontaneously, there are always bound to be something that the mind wants to attribute that change to.

      My tip: don't try to think too much why your tinnitus changes. The problem for all of us is that it can be quite uncontrollable and tinnitus can have a mind of its own. You are doing yourself no good if you always think why the change happened; i.e., modifying your lifestyle, removing that, adding this, etc... it's a vicious circle.

      There are concrete things you need to be aware about, and I'm sure with your experience you already are: hearing protection when needed, checking out whether a drug is ototoxic, and other risk factors like that.

      It's extremely good you are soon having a hearing test; it's possible hearing aids would benefit you.

      It's easier said than done, but avoiding stress at all costs should be on your main agenda. Stress is one factor that can in and of itself cause tinnitus in the first place, and can also be the reason for the changes / increases.

      I know, it's easy to say "avoid stress" when your tinnitus is increasing or changing, but I wish you the best on your journey.

      Let us know when you get the results on that hearing test.

      Best wishes,
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    4. AUTHOR

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      Hi DezDog
      Thank you for your really kind welcome, and words of encouragement. Hopefully I will try to stay positive, many thanks Lyns
    5. AUTHOR

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      Hi Markku
      Thank you for your prompt and informative reply. What you say makes a great deal of sense and I certainly will take it on board. Yes stress is the bane of all our lives and to be avoided at all cost. Personally I still feel that the vitamins have played a roll in aggravating my tinnitus.
      I really enjoy this forum as this is my very first time on any forum on the internet.
      Markku thank you for all the help I will sent the hearing test results as soon as I get them.

      Many best wishes from a happy new member.
    6. dan

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      Loud noise
      My tinnitus is cutting and sharp in both ears 24/7. :depressed: So yes, I know what you mean.
    7. AUTHOR

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      Hi dan
      I am sorry to hear you have the same type of tinnitus. Hopefully it will inprove for the both of us.

      Thank you for your reply

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