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Discussion in 'Support' started by hannah tetlow, May 19, 2017.

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      Hi all thanks for reading this. Sorry it's long.
      So, I'm 19 years old (female) been suffering with left ear Eustachian tube dysfunction since February this year now. Not had much glue/congestion in middle ear just a poorly functioning (blocked) tube causing intense negative pressure in middle ear. Tried steroid nasal spray and drops, inhaling steam & olbas oil and otovent autoinflation balloon but nothing seemed to work was still getting popping when talking/yawning which I had to keep clearing by sniffing which was horrible. So anyway, yesterday less than 24 hours ago I had a grommet fitted in left ear, and since then I've felt awful! My symptoms have been :

      Clicking and popping sounds, ear is actually clicking more and feels constantly popped (like it did when it used to pop only I cleared it by sniffing ) / 'open' where I can hear my voice and breathing

      Muffled hearing (like something is stuck in my ear)
      Own voice sounds distorted, muffled and echoey
      Can hear my own breathing loudly in that ear, also distorted and echoey
      Weird horrible vibrating sensation in ear like a very low car engine - this is actually making me feel really sick and disorientated and unable to sleep
      Pulsing/ throbbing head and ear
      Feel sick, dizzy, tired, and can't sleep -
      I feel like I'm on a constant plane - like I really need to clear my ear / get out whatever's blocking it but I can't
      Aching jaw, sore blocked ear

      I CURRENTLY feel 50x worse after the op than I did before (only symptoms I had before : popping clicking unequal pressure which I agree needed to be sorted out) BUT i didn't have blocked feeling, muffled hearing, distorted voice / breathing before :(

      At the moment it genuinely feels like something is lodged / wedged in my ear and I cannot hear properly and all internal noises ( eating breathing and talking) have gone horribly horribly strange, echoey, boomy, loud, unnatural, one sided (making me feel dizzy and sick)

      ANYONE, Please, Is this common, will it settle down, will it feel better, will the blocked feeling and loud talking/breathing calm down / stop. Will the discomfort ease? I know it's not been long but i really feel a million times worse. I have terrible anxiety anyway and thi is not helping I feel really unhappy. Thank you so much for reading. X
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      Get some anti sick or motion sickness tablets from the chemist to help.
      Your ear should settle down over the weekend but if still concerned Monday give your doctor a call.
      Love glynis

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