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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Josue, Mar 23, 2016.

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      Hi, My name is Josue. I'm from Puerto Rico, recently like 1 week ago I developed this noise in my head like a TV signal anyways I really can't describe it. I was sick that same week and I really don't know what's causing this annoying sound. Is it because of loud music? Can it be hearing loss? Because I like to listen to a lot of bass literally I'm a bass junkie but I don't hear music loud 24/7. I'm really tired about this stupid noise. I'm only 17 year old so you can imagine what I feel

      By the way, I feel my left ear corky I can't hear 50% of sound... Sorry if you don't understand me English it's not my first language
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Josue it sounds that you have an acoustic trauma to the ear like i had. I myself also had a weird cold one week before my trauma happen. First all try to remain calm. Its very recent and it could go away by its own, plus you are a young guy and that helps. STAY AWAY from loud sounds and do not use protections or plugs in normal sound conditions. TALK TO ENT right away, he might want to give you prednisone or any other early treatment. If you are having difficulty sleeping get med right away, stress will make it a lot worse. There are other venues you might look into after two weeks if it remains.
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      not sure
      I agree you need to see a doctor or ENT to check out your ears to see why your left ear only hears 50%, being so young. If not infection, perhaps ear wax build up.

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