Help Plz! I'm Worried and Scared

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Amine, Nov 23, 2015.

    1. Amine

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      few days
      few days ago i realized a quite thing inside ears like tssss before i sleep... i focus on it and i hear it,, i made few searches and i discovered T. so after that when its so calm ,, i hear something like "tssssss" but its innside and when i focus my ear on it i can hear it !!
      its like very deep ,, i dont know if its normal or nnot !
      Please Answer me ,, I have tinnitus or no ?
      I can hear it only if its calm or when i focus on my hearing and its veeeery deep almost like silence !
      Thanks guys
    2. Lorenzo74

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      Hey @Amine

      By what you describe it seems as if you probably have a very low T... Do you listen to music with earphones a lot ? Or have you been at very loud venues ?

      Try not to worry too much as anxiety and worry can make it more noticeable... If you only hear it when you focus on it then it might just go away on its own if you don't freak out about it...

      Everyone who sits in a silent environment and will focus on hearing something will eventually hear some faint sound, so do not do that... Just protect your ears from loud noises for a while, do not read horror T stories and just get on with your life... Hopefully you will be fine soon...

      If you happen to focus on it while you try to sleep and have troubles falling asleep, then try to use some masking sounds so you do not focus on it.. :)

      All the best, take care of yourself and your ears!!
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      The worst thing that I did that me worry about the noise is when I looked it up online so please try to refrain from doing that. Try not to focus on the noise as it will make you more likely to hear it. Just relax and hopefully you will forget about it and then realise that it is no longer there. I hope that it will get better soon x
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    4. AUTHOR

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      few days
      Thank you so much guys ,, I Really Appreciate your advices ,, I will do my best to follow them !
      Thank you So much again !
      All the best to you too guys :)

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