Help! Tinnitus for 4 Weeks and Getting Louder

Discussion in 'Support' started by tomytl, Mar 21, 2014.

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      Hi all,
      I'm very desperated now. Last night was the most terrible one with my tinnitus. High pitched 8khz and mainly right. Sometimes changing frequency to 1khz....
      I could't sleep zero minute.
      It started 4 weeks ago.... The longer the louder it comes....
      Could it be because of acupuncture? Do you have also increased volumes after some weeks...This bitch makes me feel absolutely deressing........
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      Probably headphones
      Sorry to hear that. You MUST get sleep. Have you tried sleeping pills? Imovane is one good choice.

      I doubt it's acupuncture. Maybe it increases with your stress levels (very common) and the less you sleep, the more stressed you are -> higher T. Breaking this stress <-> T cycle could probably lower your T.

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