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Discussion in 'Support' started by Virek, Sep 8, 2016.

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      I am sorry for starting a new thread.

      Just a little tired and hoping to get some other views on my current symptoms.

      1. I asked my ENT whether my hearing loss was sensorineural or conductive and he didnt even do any tests besides a hearing test and concluded that my high frequency hearing loss (right ear - grommet) was linked to my inner ear (sensorineural)... I dont buy that and I didnt have the opportunity to explain myself:

      I have noticed that since the hole (right ear - grommet) in my ear has closed, internal noises are much louder in this ear. For example I went to the dentist for cleaning, the tool they use makes all these weird noises and at very irritating frequencies. I had to ask the dentist to stop at one point because the sound was so loud in my right ear.

      I then went on to doing my own tests, I would hum (hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) at a low or high pitch voice and block each ear (one at a time) and the right ear is significantly louder... Surely this points in the direction of conductive hearing loss??? Maybe the tympanic membrane is still healing??? Maybe there is an issue with the ossicles?

      I just feel like some ENT's dont listen to their patients... The pitch of my tinnitus is in the same place of the hearing loss according to my audiogram...
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      not known, too many possible causes

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