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      Hello my name is Lue from Perth Western Australia and was out listening to a band 4 weeks ago and the next day had tinnitus and it has not gone away.
      I have visited a audiologist and she said it I have lost a bit of high frequency but normal for my age.
      Everything is normal with my hearing
      Of course like everyone with a new condition like this I freaked out and then pulled myself together and thought ..there is a god chance I may have this for life, get used to it ...mask as much as I can and keep myself busy...still have a few days where it gets you down ...more the fear than anything.
      I can sleep no problem so that is good ...the noise I have is more like an electrical nice a brain noise if this makes sense.
      The biggest problem I have is at night when I am watching television , my house has very high ceilings and floor boards...echoes at the best of times .it really aggravates my T to the point I can't stand it ..has anyone else experienced this ? If so is there anything I can do???
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    2. Karen

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      First time: Noise 2nd Time: Ototoxic drug
      Hi, Luana,
      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk! It sounds like you are handling your tinnitus very well so far, especially since it has recently begun. It is good that you're remaining calm, and also that you're able to sleep. You're definitely on the right track!

      You're not alone in having problems watching television. I've had the same problem ever since my tinnitus worsened, back in 2010. Having high ceilings and floor boards just adds to the echo-y sound in the room, doesn't it? There were a couple of people on this site (I don't remember exactly which ones) who had the same problem, and they suggested playing a "white noise" machine or running a fan near the t.v. set, so that you don't notice the tinnitus. I haven't tried that yet myself, but it's worth a try. My tinnitus has recently gotten a lot better, so I'm having less of a problem watching T.V. than before. Anyway, it's worth a try!

      As you may read elsewhere on this site, there are a couple of things you can try, since your tinnitus is so new. Some people have tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and it is said to reduce tinnitus in people who have recently been afflicted with tinnitus. I don't know if there is anything like that in your area, but you could check into it. There are also a number of supplements that you can try, with varying degrees of success. Also, there are a lot of new developments lately; new drugs and therapies that are being trialed right now. There is hope out there; it just may take a few years to be commonly available.

      We're glad you joined us; we're all here to support one another!!
    3. Eddie

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      Hi Lue, greetings from Brisbane.
      Concerts is where my T originated, I have a similar place too, wooden boards and high ceilings, it's like an echo chamber at times and yes, it's irritating. I find I actually grow to ignore the T noise and don't hear it until I actually concentrate on it or things go very quiet. I don't have any suggestions other than to prevent any more exposure, keep a pair of foam earplugs in my car and definitely no concerts without musicians earplugs. It is scary at first to realise that this isn't just going to go away. I watch TV with headphones on now, wireless headsets are cheap and I find I can have the volume very low and still hear everything, having no interfering or competing noise makes it much easier.
      Don't let it get you down though :)
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    4. Lord of the Ring

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      I do have the same thing with my tinnitus: it fights with the TV. That means, it might be down all day, and then gradually get louder when I start to watch TV. I think it is just TV that's so boring lately :)
    5. erik

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      04/15/2012 or earlier?
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      Most likely hearing loss
      I find that TV can make mine louder but if I am really engaged in a good show...I ignore my T
    6. Danny

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      When I first got my T I thought It was watching CNN that my TV was making hi frequency noise...but alas it wasn't Cnn or any other channel...:(My wifes happy tho we ended up buying new TV set.

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