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      HI everyone, how are you.

      I lost low frequency hearing on right ear and started tinnitus. While it does not bother me too badly during the day time (with background sound and so on) silent night time on my bed room is quite a challenge.

      Anyway, Im experiencing bad tension headache by end of the day, almost everyday now.
      I try to stay positive and dont let tinnitus or hearing loss bother me, but headache is just whats draining me by evening.
      Does anyone experience something similar? What should I do ? (I've had MRI done, but ENT found nothing)
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      not sure
      You may want to read through this site for some self help on tension headache. Also for the night time struggle with T, you may need to consider using masking at bed time to help you sleep. Also Melatonin may help your sleep too.

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