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    1. So I thought I would join this forum board because after browsing anonymously I see it is more supportive than negative. I can't deal with negative stuff as I give myself enough of that on my own so I hope this is a pleasant experience. I'm 38 (pretty much 39, so basically 40). I have a steady tonal/ringing tinnitus in my left ear and more of a tuning fork weird ring in my right. I also get rushes of blood in my left ear when I get up out of bed etc. I am okay with those things as I've been dealing with them for about 7 months. I've actually had tinnitus forever but never knew it was a "condition" which sent me on a tailspin of depression/anxiety etc. (I'm sure you are all familiar). But that's over now.

      But, the new thing (started last week maybe 7/3 or so) is a weird low rumble/humming in my left ear that stops briefly and then kicks in again if I talk, sniff, or shake my head. It came on when I developed a cold and although the cold is pretty much gone now the sound is still there. I admit it's much better than it was last week (a louder vwoom vwoom sound that went in and out) but it's still there and noticeable. I wonder if I always had this and the cold just forced me to pay attention? I went to the ENT (why do we pay them again?) and he said my ears looked great and offered to do a hearing test. I told him I already had one of those 6 months ago and it found no measurable hearing loss so he said it wasn't necessary. He said the noise may be due to the cold and it would go away. I asked what to do if it doesn't and he said to let him know and then they would do a hearing test. I asked what he would do if my hearing was fine and he said nothing. What kind of profession is that? make some progress already! Idiots.

      Anyway, here I sit. The rumble (or light-sabre sound as I've seen it referred to) is what I'm trying to get used to now as I have conquered the other sounds. My hope is that it continues to improve but my gut (always a cynic) says it's improved as much as it is going to and I need to learn to just accept it as a new weird background noise I have, maybe think of it as a life-hum, you know, just the sound of my body being alive and working. I find myself wishing I could go back two weeks and see if it was there at all so I could know if I am just now noticing something I've always had. But we all now we can't go backwards, always onward in this life. I would think I would have noticed it during my over-analysis of my ears during the prior 7 months but who knows? If it gets lower and lower then maybe I would not have. At work today I didn't hear it at all because we were outside for an Office picnic but normally I am alone in a quiet office so it can be very unnerving.

      I hope you all can offer positive support. Thanks for reading.
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      Hi, Constable85, and welcome! I'm so sorry you've been experiencing all these weird sounds, and that you've just added a new one. It's too bad the ENT couldn't help you, or at least give you any suggestions or advice.

      I was wondering if, since you're just getting over a cold, maybe you still have some fluid trapped in your ear (or both ears) that could be causing the sound. You're still in the end stages of the cold, so it's possible that this new sound will dissipate as you get well again.

      I know what you mean about the sound being very unnerving in a quiet office; I've been trying to keep a fan running in the background most of the day when I'm in the office, and it has really helped.

      You're right -- we can't go backward in time and change whatever happened to cause this condition; we can only go forward. So the best thing to do is to find ways to cope with the situation as it is. You'll find that if you can distract yourself, like you did today with the office picnic, that things will begin to improve. That doesn't mean that you won't still hear the tinnitus, but you'll be able to tune it out and get on with your life. Since a cure for tinnitus hasn't happened yet, the best thing I've found is habituation (not letting the tinnitus get to you, and living your life as normally as possible). Find ways to keep yourself busy and your mind distracted, and you'll get to that point one day soon.

      Again, we're glad you've joined us. This is a great group, and you'll find lots of helpful information and support here. You might want to check out the "Don't Panic" section on the main page of this forum, right-hand side, for useful information, masking sounds, etc.

      Take care, and keep us posted on your progress!!!

      Best wishes,

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