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      Hi All,

      I am new to this site. Let me start of with how I think I contracted tinnitus (about 6 months ago). I think I got it from riding my motorcycle. I am not sure how this happened. Maybe I was pre-dispositioned to develop tinnitus ( I have a long history of clamping jaw and neck muscles). I have been aware of the potential problems with bike riding and hearing damage, therefor I always used full protection. I did not protect me though.... One day after riding my bike I noticed loud ringing in both my ears. After removing my earplug is ringing was faint but still there. The next two weeks the ringing was there but not a real problem. I did notice some ear fullness. I tried to pop my ears regularly without success.

      Then one night I just woke up in the middle of the night with a much louder beep in my left ear only. That is where this shit storm really took off! In the first couple of weeks I had some massive panic attacks. I got some Oxazepam from my GP to handle the acute panic attacks. Since the first couple of weeks I have change my life pastern a bit. Step 1 for me was the handle the panic. Step 2: manage my sleep (regular evenings walks, melatonin, reading, less TV/telephone/tablet). After about 3 month I started sleeping full nights again. Step 3: I have taken-up yoga to reduce muscle tension

      How am I going after about 6 month? Well, I think I am managing, but far from great! I joined this forum to try to find some help, advice, support (the whole works) :D. The ear fullness has mostly gone away, but the beep is still there.

      What about my tinnitus and my hearing? Well, my tinnitus is mainly a 16 to 18 kHz pure tone (difficult to match). The intensity is about 16 tot 20 dB, although at some moments is is much less. I have found the my tinnitus has a couple of strong somatosensory and motor interaction. Clenching my jaw while pressing my palms behind my ears triples is noise level easy! Stretching my neck muscles has the same effect but not as dramatic. My hearing is fine. I do not show any sign of hearing loss upto 18 kHz.

      Well this is my disorganized story so far....
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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids

      Welcome to the site :welcomesignanimation: A lot of good people and advice here.

      It really sounds like you are doing the right things for your T; I know it's a pain in the neck (no pun intended) but it is manageable. Getting sleep at night is a big victory for T sufferers -- congrats! I've heard yoga is good too; I just exercise.

      Have you looked into any kind of masking? I have hearing aids with white noise generators; they are a God send. I know you don't have hearing loss, but masking is a great way to go.

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      Yes I do use masking, mostly at night though. I use my phone and the small headphones to play some white noise.

      I use the Yoga to get some control over the panic attacks. It seems to work. In general I feel much better and I am much less tense. Another positive effect of yoga (they say) is that it stimulates the autonomic nerves system in such a way that is switching in the "rest and digest" mode. I is also suppose to help to rewire your brain to a more fundamental relaxed mode (rewire the amygdala). The yoga is just me trying to get my brain in a place that will habituate to the tinnitus the best possible way. I can advice everybody to practice atleast 2 times a week.....
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      Hi both,

      I am.new to this. Could use some support in the Netherlands. Do we have any support group here?


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