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      Canada, ON
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      Wax build-up
      Just found out about this site and it seems great! Anyway, I got tinnitus sept 2014. After 2 ENT appointments, the specialist said I'd have the ringing forever and I'd be stuck with it. It's been hell trying to go to sleep or being in a quiet room, but throughout the day, I'm fine and I've gotten used to it. I hope someday there's a cure that just takes it away and I can fall asleep with peace and quiet. Oh and sleep paralysis + tinnitus is NOT fun! The ringing intensifies! R E M O V E T I N N I T U S
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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      Consider yourself lucky, you only hear it in quiet locations. I'd kill for your kind of T!

      That being said, protect those ears, everyday, for the rest of your life! Once their gone, their usually gone forever.

      God bless!


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