Hi All. I am Pamela.

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      I'm 38 years old, I was diagnosed with otosclerosis and I'm now wearing hearing aids. I'll be undergoing a stapedectomy probably later this year.

      I'm xtremely hopeful, they say my tinnitus can resolve completely after the surgery. "Fifty patients with otosclerosis and tinnitus were studied for the course of the tinnitus after stapes surgery. Tinnitus disappeared in 64% of the cases, improved in 16%, was unchanged in 14%, and worsened in 6%."

      I have two sons and a husband and live in a rural area, I spend my free time doing outdoor sports and knitting. I love Tom Hanks and all of his movies!

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      Hello Pam! :)

      T disappeared in 64% of the cases, huh! That definitely gives you hope, I presume.

      Thanks for introducing yourself, we'll see you on the board!

    3. Welcome Pam, good luck.

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