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      Here's how the tinnitus started. I have chronic pain in my feet and hands. Been that way for 4 years or so. Doctors think it could be peripheral neuropathy. Nothing shows up negative in blood work. There is a new treatment that came out called Calmere Therapy a few years ago. I researched and many people have had their pain go away for 1-6 months using this program. Basically I tried it, FDA approved, no known side effects etc. No harm right? It is a machine that places electrodes on your feet and hands and is a produces a 14 different wavelength signal and it basically is suppose to send a no pain signal to the brain. The pain did go down a bit for a few days. The treatment is a 10 day 1 hour daily. The second week I started having massive headaches and felt like I should quit after the 8th treatment I should stop. After a couple days I noticed this sound that wouldn't go away in my head. I immediately looked it up on the internet and feared for the worse that I had screwed up my brain or ears somehow by this treatment. The sounds have taken a different course. A couple days low sounds, then the next a high pitched ring in the back of my head. Ever since I have been extremely sensitive of sound that is remotely loud. My tinnitus is daily now and sometimes it rings in the ears and then others it is a high ring in the head. I pray daily that it will go away or lesson but no real relief so far. I had a hearing text done and saw then ENT, said I had normal hearing and that the ring to just ignored it and to live with it. I still have the high chronic pain in my feet and my hands, and with the tinnitus some days its unbearable. Still working but it is super hard. My social life has dissipated. I am living back with my parents. I had to go on an antidepressant because I became super depressed in April and thoughts of suicide but didn't know how I would ever do it. I feel some days like I am in a prison cell. Like what did I do to deserve this life? I think I am a good person, spiritual and have been a church goer until recently everything is super hard. Sorry about the rambling on.. Is there a way out of this pain and suffering though? Anyone up for sharing experiences or being friends on here?
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      Hi D, welcome to our site. your situation is not unlike others here, including myself when T first started it was maddening to say the least, we do understand your depression, anxiety, sleepless nights, suicidal thoughts etc.

      I would first of all ask your Dr. for something like Valium to settle you down a bit and see how that goes. If they help but you are still depressed, there are some good therapists that could help you with the depression and anxiety if you think you need it.

      Can't really comment whether Calmere treatment caused T It very well may have, when most of us get T we try to backtrack to the last thing we did such as your treatments, medication we took, food we ate, any mental trauma we may have had, to try and pin point the cause. This alone can cause stress which can cause T to seem to get louder.
      If it was the treatment, there's not much you can do about it now except hope it goes away.

      I see you have had T for about 5 months now, what have you done so far besides see your ENT. Have you had a CT scan of you ear, MRI of your brain...

      Again, we all have been there and totally know what you are going through, some of us are still reacting to T in the same manner that you are. You are not alone in this...
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