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      My name is Caryl and I apparently have sudden onset tinnitus. Just woke up with it one morning 3 months ago. I hate to admit my age of 73 because until this happened I felt 35. My tinnitus is 24/7 and fairly severe buzzing. I tried my best to not acknowledge it and told no one about it. I felt very alone because I didn't known how prevalent this was. I still work and I am very active in my community so that served as a temporary distraction. End of December 2015 I went to my primary doctor who acknowledged that I may have Tinittus and also had me have an MRI plus she referred me to an ENT doctor. A hearing test showed I have hearing loss in the high frequency and hearing aids were suggested. Finally told my significant other who has been absolutely wonderful and even paid for these Resound hearing aids ($5800) which have a Tinittus manager. Just have them a week and the T manager will be installed tomorrow. So far I have had some relief so we will see if it gets better.
      Sleeping is a problem even with T therapy machine. I want to know if anyone else wakes up with a quesy stomach almost every morning. I see there is a TV ad for a supplement that supposedly helps. Anyone ever use it?
      Lastly this should be recognized more as a disability by the insurance companies and government agencies. Perhaps more research on this would be supported.
      Thanks for this forum.
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      Hi @Padresstar
      I have had T for about 11 months, so can't advise you too much, but know exactly how you feel. There are many wise experienced people on here who will definitely support you through this journey. Their advice shows how the brain will filter out and start to neither focus on it, nor see T as a threat has helped me lots.
      In the meantime check out the success and positivity stories, they certainly show how there's light at the end of the tunnel. Although it takes time and a lot of determination, try https://www.tinnitustalk.com/threads/back-to-silence.7172 to shift T into the background. Best wishes Phil
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      3 months ago. 11/15
      Thanks so much. Just knowing that there are others with the problem and supporting all of us helps a lot
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      Welcome to the forum, @Padresstar. You are not alone here in this forum as many of us have been where you are. We understand the challenge of living with tinnitus. You and I have the same problem - hearing loss in the high frequency. That is why my T is very high pitch. A few years back my dog whistle T and then severe hyperacusis turned me into a mess physically and emotionally and it was a tough struggle. But today I live a normal and absolutely enjoyable life. Like many members I posted my success story and I listed many helpful points/strategies to help me turnaround. If you have the time, you can check this out:


      How prevalent is T? Quite common. Millions have it. I checked around my social circle and found many have this. Even celebrities have this. If you google 'celebrities with tinnitus', it is a long list of familiar names. Here is a video clip of two famous gentlemen with tinnitus - David Letterman & William Shatner (Star trek). They did this show in 1996 talking about their tinnitus. They seem to be doing fine even after all these years. Letterman just retired about 2 years ago. Life goes on even after T if we don't react too badly to it. So try to live your life as normally as you can and don't let T rule your life. The more relax and positive you are, the less intrusive T seems to be. And after a while you will get more used to T. Hope you will get better with the help of your hearing aid. Take care & God bless.

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      Keep us posted on those resound hearing aids, expensive so I hope they work for you.

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