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      Hi, my name is Bruno from Brazil and would like to talk with someone about this tragedy...
      I am 20, and since 13 I have been exposed to loud music (mp3), but with 15 I started to worry about my hearing, but I don't know if it has someone like me, because sometimes I have strong emotions (I have depression and a attraction for suicide) and other problems, and in times of despair I really get a urge to sing loud! and inevitably I turn the music loud as well... I play guitar at a loud intensity too, and I really worry about my hearing because I have just finished a sound engineer course and I love music... I know with sure I have some hearing loss, but now the things got really worst, last week I turned the music really loud and I was exposed to that about 1 hour, then I stopped because I felt my ears muffled... now I am with the 2 ears ringing and wheezing, and I feel lost a lot of high frequencies! maybe its psychological or maybe its the ringing that is masking the high frequencies... at the same time I feel some crackles inside my ears, maybe its obstructed with wax... and I can't listen to music at low levels because that ring is really disturbing...
      anyone identify with a situation like this?
      sorry by the long post I am really worried about it and I know have to make a audiogram or consult a doctor, I just think that with this tinnitus at 20 years old I cant go too far working with music, I am really shocked, I really just wanted a advice about it all, because I don't want to suffer anymore, and if it's better to get off to another path, carrer instead of music.
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      Hi Bruno, you CAN still pursue a career in music. The best thing to do is get that hearing test, normal hearing tests only test up to 8khz so it depends if your hearing loss is mid/lower high frequencies.

      I passed my hearing test, but then again I could have a slight loss at say 16khz, or my Tinnitus is not due to noise exposure, who knows!

      Take a break from all loud noise for about a week and then gradually re-introduce it into your life at reasonable levels.

      Get molded ear plugs, it will be the best decision you have ever made. I got some and I can now return to DJing without worry.

      Tinnitus changes, mine has gone from fairly loud to quite to almost not there and has even switched ears, so monitor patterns like this and do not worry if some days are louder than others.

      I have found peace by not thinking about it. Tinnitus is one of those things were pretending it is not there actually works and helps you "get better". You WILL habituate with time. Always remember to protect you hearing in clubs / bars. Never ever say "oh maybe this one time will be fine" and not wear ear plugs in those loud environments. I don't care if you're a little drunk and forgot them, from now on you only use ear plugs.

      Anyway take a look around the forum, you got any questions? I live for music and have founds ways to balance it with my T, I'm 20 too!

      Take care man, Deep.
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      Thanks for the answer Deep, I am more calm today, and I woke up really better today, the ringing was really low...
      It was not disturbing me, but I have perceived that my pc makes a high frequency noise and after a I use it for a time, the tinnitus comes back, but now its not unbearable, really strange... anyone should check this... I don't know if it can be the cause, anyway thanks for the answer I will follow your tips!
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      Yeah mine seems a little louder by the computer and many people have noticed this, some research should defiantly be considered on this correlation.

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