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      Hi everybody..

      I have had tinnitus since December 2013. In fact in September 2013 I had it just for one day but it disappeared by itself.. I had flown for a wedding in Holland and during the wedding day I started having this noise on both ears, there was no loud music yet and I just thought nothing of it, then I went to sleep feeling a bit scared but tried not to give it too much importance, as it was the typical noise that I used to hear after a night out partying and usually by the morning it was gone. Then the day after I woke up and it was still there and it freaked me out a bit, but by early afternoon it went away by itself and so I didn't give it too much notice. I thought it had to do with some frequent flying I had done in that time and me trying to unblock my ears by blocking my nose and blowing on it.
      Then in December I was holidaying in Spain and all of a sudden it came back full on and it hasn't stopped since... I didn't even know about tinnitus and the first few days and nights I was really freaking out thinking I was going crazy.. I was a pot smoker and cigarette smoker and I stopped smoking at once as it was making me way more anxious.
      Now I kind of learnt to accept it, and I went back into pot as it seems to help me at night to fall asleep... Not too sure if it is a good thing but I think it is better than meds.. :)
      I tried acupuncture and cranio-sacral therapy but didn't help much.. I also tried some sound therapy but it actually used to elevate my noise after the sessions, so I gave that up too... Maybe I didn't give enough time to these therapies, not too sure...
      I think my tinnitus is stress related and mind related rather than traumas or infections, as I checked with doctors and I seem to be fine on those aspects..
      Two years ago I did a Vipassana meditation course, which consists of 10 days of silent meditation without speaking nor talking to anybody.. I have a feeling that if I would do another 10 days course I might be able to get the noise away, as it is a very relaxing experience, but I am also a bit scared about facing 10 days of complete silence with my tinnitus and not sure how my mind would react..
      I would like to hear what you folks would think about the 10 days silent retreat.. Good or bad idea?
      Anyway, just a little presentation and I would like to say I find this forum very well done with great people and I am happy to have found it..

      Best of luck to all.. Ciao! Lorenzo
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      God knows
      Hi @Lorenzo74 . Welcome! I am glad you find this forum helpful for you. Do whatever that helps you. I attended a few sessions of Buddhist meditation led by a monk when I first had T. I am not familiar with the process of your silent retreat but if it helps then it is good enough. It would be good if the facilitator is trained.
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      Thank you Shan for your reply.. I also heard that cognitive-behavioral meditation helped a friend of mine with loud tinnitus a great deal.

      I think meditation can have a calming effect on T if it is stress related, though it is not as easy to calm the mind when it is buzzing compared to when I didn't have T..

      I still feel I will give it a try.. I believe it will go away one day.. Always stay positive :)

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